Meet the Shop Owner

Meet the Shop Owner

“The Cottage Boutique & Gifts.” Is Owned and Operated by Rachel Fuller.

My husband of 17 years and I were both born and raised in Tensas Parish and have pledged to raise our two children here as well.

We have many dreams for Tensas Parish and have dedicated our lives to this “small town life.”

We started the business in 2017 just as a hobby. We started out with wood working, custom signs and custom shirts.

When we were out of school on an extended 5 month spring break in 2020 due to COVID. I decided to expand my business from personalized merchandise that I done in my spare time, to a clothing, accessories, and gift shop. I started out with my business online only, and in December 2020, I woke up one night to the idea of the vacant, perfect little 1800’s historic building that sits in downtown St. Joe, next to town hall. I made a phone call and after a few weeks I was the new tenant!!

I love it’s charm and historic character.

It’s not perfect, it’s old, worn, and it’s paint is chipped and will soon get a fresh coat. But it also reminded me of our sweet little parish.

It may have it's flaws, and been battered through the decades, but it’s still wonderful with its historic charm and of course all the amazing people who are once again SAVING ST. JOE! A little love and TLC goes a long way.

Just as our town and parish is still a wonderful and beautiful place to live and visit, no matter her flaws. If we come together with the same love and passion, together we are rebuilding something amazing for our children’s future!

 We are thrilled to see our little community grow and especially excited to be a part of this revival.

I have loved meeting new faces and hearing about the love people have for our little parish.

Stop by, check us out and see what else downtown Saint Joseph has to offer.

The building is listed on the historic registry, It was at one time the mayor’s office for St. Joseph’s first mayor, William Davidson in the early 1900’s

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Wishing you the best every town need’s a shop like this.

Hattie Myers

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